Thursday, August 27, 2015

Week 7 is Heaven


Laba Diena!
This past week has been so good!! Lots of things happened, so super fun!  My companion Elder Hassell was made Zone Leader, along with Elder Lyon.  My new teaching companions are Elder Waters and Elder Seegmiller, so that will be cool.  Masa and I are now Sister Training Leaders, and I love it.  It has really helped me to turn out and look to help others.  I can't focus on myself at all, so that has been great.  
We also got a new companion!!! Her name is Sister Kaleopa; she is from Australia so she has a super cool accent.  She is going to Indonesia.  She is in a different district, but she is the only sister so she is our companion, and we love it.  She is amazing; I like being a triplet with all three of us.
P-Day with our new companion, Sister Kaleopa

Yesterday we skyped for our first time with a Lithuanian member.  She was so cool.  Luckily she talked slowly so that we could somewhat understand her.  We taught her about faith and how it leads us to repent, keep our covenants, follow Holy Ghost, and endure to the end.  It was a great experience.  
We also hosted the new missionaries yesterday too!  I got to host 6 sisters, so that was really fun.  It brought back great memories of my first day here.  I have loved my experience at the MTC; I have learned so much. It has been a great blessing!  We also got to welcome the new Malay Elders and Sister Kaleopa with the zone leaders.  We took them on a tour and had fun with them - we really have a great district and zone.  The gospel is awesome.
I know that the Lord loves and helps us so much.  He gives us tender mercies every day.  He wants us to turn to Him so that we can become more like Him.  With God, all things are possible.  
Love you all

Love Sasa Dzerman

Beautiful day at the Temple

With Sister Ipson

AF 9th ward Sister Missionaries!

With Elder Chadwick from American Fork

Response to her Dad

Thanks Dadio!
We are all doing fantastic!!  Yep, we are still playing sand volleyball in the sun, which I love.  We still need to do spike ball again.  But we did did four square twice, which is way fun.  I love that game :)  We go to the temple once a week, every pday morning.  We are supposed to do laundry after lunch, but we just go in the morning after the temple.  It is often crowded, but not always.  Even if it is, we just wait a bit.  Haha, you know me, I would not get up at 4:00 (like Jason) no matter how many people were in that laundry room, but he probably had more missionaries then.  We have about 2500 missionaries now.  2/3 are elders, 1/3 sisters.   
   Everything is just great!  I see Sis Day, Sis Ipson, Sis Kho all the time.  It is the best!!  Seriously so fun.  I'm glad they came on missions, to see me :)
   Haha, yeah it is really fun to try to speak with a Native.  It just makes me that much more excited to go to Lithuania! 
   So fun that Jas is home and has a car, I knew he would haha.   I am praying for you too.  Love you so much!
Love Sasa Dzerman

"Spooning" at the MTC - the indoor sport!

We "spooned" Elder Wiley 

​  while he was asleep

3 times!
We are really good at it.  I promise we work too, this was just a quick break

They spooned Elder Hassel on the tie without him noticing.  He is a champion "spooner" and he said this was an impossible job, but Elder Lyon got him!

In Lithuanina, "yes" is "taip".  So everytime Elder Seegmiller says "taip," he holds up tape.  We think its pretty funny, its a joke we have ;0

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Laba Diena!

This week was super awesome! 
I saw so many great missionaries that I know! 
With Elder Cannon
Elder Cannon

I saw Sister Day,
Sister Day (childhood friend)
Sister Ipson,
Sister Ipson (9th ward Friend)
Sister Cook, and Sister Kho
of course. 
Sister Kho (Elementary Friend)
It's so fun to run into people that you know and love.  It just makes my heart so happy!

On Sunday, we sang with the Nashville Tribute Band, and it was so fun!  They sang so many great songs about the restoration of the church, truth and light, past prophets, and being a missionary.  I love that they share the gospel through their music.  Listening to them was definitely different from what our usual devotionals are, but it was so cool.  They even shared spiritual messages in between their songs.  First time in MTC history, and hopefully not the last.  
Today we went to the temple, which I always love.
and my companion, Sister Webb
We did laundry, which is super fun.  A great time to meet lots and lots of missionaries here in the MTC.  And also nice if you can get the laundry done too :)
This week I learned about the importance of being confident.  We shouldn't be scared to share or live the gospel.  This is the path to eternal life, and we should boldly share it with others!  The gospel is such a blessing!  We should have faith in the Lord and press forward.  
We also listened to Elder Echo Hawk this week.  He told us that we should make the one decision to follow Jesus Christ, not a thousand different decisions during the day.  With that one decision, we will be blessed as we simply follow Him. 
I know that as we go to the Lord with the faith that we have, He will give us more.  He will help our unbelief.  I know He is there.  Jesus Christ is not an absent leader of His church.
Aš mylui jums! Love you all.
Meile Sesuo Dzerman
"Masa" Webb and "Sesuo Dzerman

Answers to Mom's questions

~ have you met the missionaries that are at the MTC ahead of you going to your mission? I know there was a Sister Foote there.
I don't think any missionaries going to our mission are still here.  They must already be in the country, because it's just us.  There is no way they are still here because they have like a three week break before new missionaries for our mission come to the MTC.  I will look out for her though
~ are your Saturdays any different?
No, they are kind of hard but the same.  We have class in the morning and afternoon, but instead of going to gym we have studies and then dinner.  After dinner we finally get gym and then do learning assessments and then more studies.  They are basically the same
~ what is your Sunday like?
We don't have breakfast til 740 so that is nice to have extra time to get ready. Then we study til relief society which is at 1110.  Then we go to lunch. Then sacrament mtg, then disctrict mtg, then a walk to the temple to take pictures. THen dinner and choir practice (every sunday and tuesday, which I love,  Choir is awesome!!!!) Then a devotional, then we watch a film, like a talk or chruch movie or something
~ have you seen Emily Day by now?  (be sure to take pictures!!!!)  I saw Bridgett Lundahl working at Big 5 and learned she served in Emily's Mission.
Yes, all the time at dinner, whihch is awesome!  Jade took the picture of us, so i need that from her.  Or maybe you can get that from her mom.  Oh that is so cool!
~ when you play volleyball, are you tucked away somewhere in the MTC or do you walk across the street and play over in front of the temple?
We walk across the street and up the grass hill to the huge sand courts.  It's before the temple, so in between the mtc and temple.
~Can you play on the big grassy area in front of the temple?
Not on the temple grounds, but there is a huge grass field for missionaries to play on across from the MTC.
~ I see a big hole started on the south end of the MTC lot.  Are they expanding the MTC and do you know what they will build there on the corner?
Hmm, i don't know.  Probably a new housing building or something
~ have you tried on all your clothes by now and tried some different combos? 
not all, just my summer shirts, but they are great.
~ what about those blazers?  I think I sent you a picture of the missionaries in Latvia with the President and they weren't wearing them as if they needed to be dressed up extra special.  Maybe they will add warmth in the winter, but maybe they are only for your own self if you like that style.  Decide if you take them all.

okay thanks, Love you so much!

Thursday, August 13, 2015


Hi everyone!
Sister Jerman and Sister Webb

This last week was an awesome one!  One of my Elder companions and I taught an actual Lithuanian from Lithuania in Lithuanian.  It was super cool.  He talked so fast that we couldn't really understand him, but it went well.  It was really fun, and we just went with the spirit.  People actually speak this language outside of the MTC!
Both of our investigators committed to baptism and church, so that is really awesome.  The language is coming really good.  Just one step at a time, like it should be.  Class is super fun, and the spirit is super strong.  The food is also still really good.  Just loving the MTC life.
Masa Webb and Sesuo Dzerman
Our district goes to choir each week, and I love it!  We have an amazing choir director, and it is super fun to sing.  We are singing with the Nashville Tribute Band on Tuesday, so that is really exciting.  They have some awesome spiritual music.  
My district, or Elders, relieve stress by putting spoons in other people's pockets for fun without them noticing.  It is pretty entertaining.  They are super funny.
what!?!  Not only are there a lots of elders here, but they are my classroom companions!
My testimony has been strengthened so much!  I know that we can receive personal revelation directly from God.  I know that as we read the Book of Mormon daily we can be strengthened and feel God's love and receive inspiration.  I love this gospel.  I know Christ lives and this is His work.  I know He helps each of us every day.  I know the atonement is real, and it can change us.  I love you all!
Love, Sesuo Dzerman

Fun week

Haha, I actually played spike ball for my first time like 2 weeks ago during gym with my Elders.  It is a fun game.  That's funny you guys played it recently too.
I'm glad you had a fun time!!  Wow, already back to school?!  I am not jealous about that :) 
MTC life is great.  It's crazy how fast it has gone.  I love it so much, and I only have 17 more months on the mission, not a lot of time.  It is way fun though here.  Thanks for all you do and for letting me experience this! Love you tons
Love Sister Kay
Chest Bump Sister Missionary Style

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Another Great Week!

Hi everyone!  
It was another wonderful week at the MTC!!  We are having language class twice a day, which I love.  Learning the language really has been a blast.  We are teaching two investigators in Lithuanian, and I have different companions for each one.  It's been fun to switch around.
The District
Tuesday was the best day ever!  We were told that our Tuesday night devotional would be broadcasted to all the MTC's around the world, so we knew it would be pretty cool.  My companion and I sung in the choir too, so that was an amazing experience.  But, President Russel M. Nelson spoke to us!!  It was amazing!!!  I felt the spirit so strong.  He is now President of the Quorum of the Twelve, as of July 15th.  It was such a cool experience.  I am grateful that I could still be in the MTC for that.
We LOVE going to the Temple
Today we went to the temple for an endowment session.  I just love going to the temple.  I am so glad that we can go every week!!  Time really is flying by.  I really cannot believe that it is already Thursday again.  I am still loving the MTC.  The food is really good; I don't mind it at all.  I love the strong spirit that is here.  I love all that I am learning.  I love that we can play volleyball everyday except Sunday as a district.
Sand Volleyball
I love my companion and our district.  I can't believe that in just over a week, we'll be at our half way mark here.  
I just love this gospel and feel so blessed that I can serve Heavenly Father as His missionary right now.  It truly is a blessing.  Every day I am grateful to be here.  I know He is there helping me.  I know that this is His work and His gospel.  I know He loves us all.  
Thanks for the letters!  I love you all!
Meilė, Sesuo Džerman