Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Email from Elder and Sister Nuttall - full time senior couple in Vilnius

The world becomes very small in the church.  What great experiences you had with mission connections.  It will continue.  There are quite a few missionaries from the Utah area, so if you hear any say "labas" they will know your daughter probably or at least came here on their mission.  

We will be home in 3 weeks, hard to believe our time has gone so quickly.  Home on the 20th speak in church on the 25th and then settle into regular life, but our lives will never be the same.  Very special experience to be a full time missionary again.  The true feelings cannot be explained.

We haved served with Sister Jerman since she arrived in Lithuania and knew of her from a former Lithuanian missionary when she was in the MTC.  We were told, by Sister White, that Sister Jerman was the best prepared with the language when they headed to the Baltic.  She is a most special young woman and oh how we love her.  She had much leadership placed upone her at a very young age.  Like I told her, she wasn't in leadership here because she was the oldest sister in the mission, the Lord called her to that when her call was issued.  He knew who he could trust to be a leader at this time.  She is so very respected by all the missionaires and so loved.  I have heard the sisters say that no one could ever be upset with Sister Jeman and with this recent transfer to Klaipeda, that she might be translated she is so good and her companion is also very good.  She has been a great influence for good and she will be someone we will want to keep in contact with and look forward to seeing post mission.  After we leave, I think she is the next to return home with two elders.  You can be very proud of her and comforted in her great nature and understanding of the gospel.  She had great parents.

Su meile!

Edler Nuttall

Monday, August 29, 2016

Loving Klaipeda!

On our way to Klaipeda, tons of wind mills :)
With Sister Walles on the bus to Klaipeda!

Hi Family!!!
Sister Walles and I have just loved our first week here in Klaipeda. It is an amazing place already. We took the four hour trip here on Wednesday and have been having an adventure. We are in the Klaipeda south area, so the Elders have the north part of the city. It is pretty small here, which is definitley different. There aren't a lot of people on the buses so we were able to do some walking around our area. We live right next to a great park where there are lots of people to talk to. It has been warm and awesome each night to go out and find people on the streets. We truly are so blessed to get to serve here. We just love our ward members. 
On Sunday we were able to meet a lot of them, and they are all so loving. We received tons of hugs and love, especially since most of the members are single sisters and now there are sister missionaries serving here. We also got to meet with a progressing investigator on Sunday who is soon moving to Kaunas this week to start school. It was quite a blessing to be able to talk about scripture study in general. We all together came up with the resolution and importance of studying the scriptures each morning. I love seeing each day how something will relate back to my scripture study. Truly remembering what we pondered that morning will help us have such a happier day because we are prepared to have one.
 In Sacrament Meeting, Sister Walles and I were able to bear our testimonies to the members. I am so in love with all of the people here. On Saturday we were able to do service at an older lady's house by helping her in her beautiful garden. She made Lithuanian zuchini blynai for us, which was super delicious. The next day we went knocking in that area among houses and knocked into a house with a dad playing the piano with his wife and daughter. They were just in Klaipeda for the summer and are headed back to Vilnius this week, but we were able to talk about God being in our lives through music and many other ways. Although they aren't interested, it was a blessing to be able to testify of God to this cool family. Miracles happen every day. I know that to be true. I love you all so much! 
Love Sese Dzerman!
My trainees are sending me off to Klaipeda, our last moment together

Monday, August 22, 2016

Sunny Days!

There are so many hot air balloons and I love it so much! We see them in the mornings and nights everywhere in Vilnius

Outside our Vilnius apartment, so close!
Hello everyone!
The weather has just been amazing here, warm and sunny. It has been a fabulous week! We were able to meet with a few investigators and focus on the doctrine of Christ. I love this doctrine so much. I have learned so much about repentance especially as we have been teaching it. I am the one that is truly being taught by the spirit. I loved a verse in 3 Nephi that discusses becoming as a little child, humble enough to repent and come unto Christ. He is always waiting for us and inviting us to come unto Him.
We met with an older man this week who is learning the basic foundamentals of prayer. It is hard for me to imagine not knowing about prayer and not having this personal relationship with Heavenly Father. I am so grateful that we can pray to Him anytime of the day and anywhere. We also met with an older lady to discuss the word of wisdom. She unfourtanetly doesn't believe that it is from God, so that is a bit of a problem. But it did strengthen my testimony of how much this commandment is from God. He is so loving that He protects us and wants us to live happy lives. I love this principle!! 
At family home evening, Karolina was able to come now that she is back from Portgugal. She is on fire with the spirit, and I love her enthusiasm. She is such a good example of serving the other church members and happily living the gospel. You can see how the gospel has truly changed her. Because she lives according to it, she lives happily. That is how we can all live becuase of the doctrine of Christ :) We were also able to be there with a new young girl who is interested in learning more. We drew pictures with chalk of stories from the Book of Mormon and Bible. We also did pictionary in shaving cream on the table for better demonstrations. 
We met with the less active Juginas who is so amazing. He waited outside of hte church for 30 minutes until we came to unlock it. He was early and just loved being outside to feel the spirit. The spirit is so strong with him. And he is now a completley active member!! It is amazing to see how the Book of Mormon has changed him and his life. In Alma 32 I learned about the word and how as we nourish it by studying God's scriptures every day, we partake of the fruit or of the atonement day by day. This brings us joy and eternal life. I love that!!! Juginas truly speaks with such strong spirit and teaches us all. I love him so much.
On Saturday we got transfer calls... I am leaving Vilnius and heading off to Klaipeda!!!! I am not even sure what to think, but I am excited. I will be serving with Sister Wallis, and we will be white washing as there have only be two sets of elders serving there. Now there will be us and just two other elders. I am very excited but sad to be leaving Vilnius. Each sunday I talk to a lady who goes to her own church at the same time. As I explained that it would be my last sunday here, my heart swelled and tears came. I barely know this woman but I love her and everyone here. I will greatly miss the church members. I can't believe that it was my last sunday there, it doesn't feel real. I am so grateful that on Sunday I was able to hug and love everyone there at church. They have been such great examples to me. I know that more loving people of Lithuania are waiting in Klaipeda. We will be headed this Wednesday! I love the God's children here so much. He loves each one of us and cares for us as a loving Heavenly Father. I know that! I love you!
Love Sese Dzerman
Our last district picture in Vilnius

Monday, August 15, 2016

Sunny Day!

Sisters of Lithuania
Hi Family and Friends!
We were able to have a crazy awesome week again! I just love being able to be here in Vilnius doing the Lord's work. We are all so blessed to know that the Lord loves us and blesses us every day. I know that he loves each one of us and that He expresses that love every day.
This past week we were able to meet with President and Sister Harding at Zone Conference. We talked about the work here in Lithuania, and I received so much spiritual insight. We talked about repentance and how that leads to true conversion. Daily repentance has been such a great blessing in my life. I know God will forgive us every time we sincerely repent through Christ's atonement.
On Wednesday we were able to meet with a member's younger sister. She is not a member of the church and her brother is serving a mission right now. We were able to testify of Christ and His atonement through the spirit. The spirit was so strong and I know that Christ lives. I feel so priveleged to be able to have my testimony strengthened each day by the spirit. This girl has experienced a really hard family life and therefore believes that God doesn't exist. Although we each have trials, God is truly here helping us through each one of them. Eternal life is getting to know God and His son Jesus Christ. That night we met with a girl who loves Christ and the Bible. We challenged her to read the Book of Mormon in order to come even closer to God. I love that this book focuses on Christ and His atonement for each one of us. The connections between the Bible and Book of Mormon testify of it's truthfullness.
Thursday I was able to serve in Kaunas! I went on exchanges and met with a new convert there. We had started teaching him before I left back to Vilnius.He has progressed so far and even received the priesthood. It was incredible to learn from his example and testimony. Being a true convert is truly seen in how we live our lives. Living the gospel is what changes us, and it is so happy!
On Friday we had zone training in Kaunas and then I was able to go on exchanges with a new Russian speaking sister in Vilnius. Two russian sisters were just transfered here and it was amazing to have both languages in order to talk to people. It was a great learning experience for me because I know that the spirit is what speaks to everyone and not the actual missionary. Having the spirit has been such a great blessing to me every day.
We are working with Ina, who is slowly learning more and more. She is progressing though! ON Saturday we had a branch activity about the tree of life. Members and investigators were lead along the iron rod and tempted with diferent foods and games. But they were told to always hold on to the rod. Reading the Book of Mormon will keep us safe and happy in life. Not just reading, but actual study and applicaiton in our lives. This is what leads to eternal life. I know that Christ lives.
I love you all, love sese dzerma

Monday, August 8, 2016

Christ is my Sunshine :)

We are eating at a grill outside in the centre of Vilnius-perfect weather!
This past week was another great one as we got to meet with a few people and share the gospel of Christ. We have a couple of investigators who are making slow progress, but we love them so much. It is cool to be discussing just the very basics with them, such that God is our Loving Father in heaven. He is different from Jesus Christ, who atoned for each one of us and allows us to be redeemed from our sins to live with God again. I love feeling the strength from these simple truths and knowing that we are loved so much. It is so amazing to think of God's love for us and be able to use the atonement everyday. Then we are converted disciples of Christ as we partake of the fruit each day. There is just so much joy :)
On Wednesday we were able to travel to Riga for Missionary Leadership Council where we discussed using our time wisely and better preparing those for baptism. I have learned that I just love the people here so much. Above everything else, they are my inspiration to serve here. It is so incredible to be able to meet with them and learn their stories, especially the members. We were able to meet with a church member who had a recent death in the family. She has four girls who are inactive, but she is returning to the church. Her example of service to everyone means so much to me! She is constantly visiting people in the hospital and thinking of ways to serve. She gave us fresh blueberries she had just picked from the forest before our lesson. I hope to be able to serve like her one day. Another member has only been in the church for 4 years but he is the strongest member I know. He booms with the energy of the gospel and has the strongest spirit. I want to be converted like him! He shares the gospel with everyone and is always testifying of his Savior. Their examples are so amazing to me. 
I was able to go on exchange with our other wonderful sisters here in Lithuania. I learn so much from each of them. We were able to do some planning for a ward activity coming up next week also. On Sunday we had the opportunity of meeting with a recent convert. I know that each of us have really hard trials, but I know that change and triumph come through Christ's atonement as we daily repent and partake of the joyful friut. Christ makes life enjoyable, true joy. I love you all so much!
Love Sese Dzerman

Eating kibine, cooked pastries with meat inside :)

Monday, August 1, 2016

Labas Seima ir draugai!

Eating at Soprano's ice cream shop :)
Labas seima ir draugai!
I cannot believe it is already August! We had a great week full of lots of exciting and different events! on Monday evening we had a blast contacting and meeting people who came to the BYU jazz concert in center. The rain was on and off, but it was perfect for talking with people and sharing more about our church. It was super fun-I just love sharing the gospel! It has brought me so much happiness :) We were able to meet a few new people this week. One just returned from the army and has some interesting stories to tell. He is actually pagan which is really different to learn about. I am just thankful to have a clear knowledge of our Heavenly Father. I was a privilege to be able to testify of our loving Father in Heaven who really does know and love every one of us. I realized how basic and fundamental this knowledge is. I love knowing that we are all children of God. 
On Wednesday we suddenly found out that a less active's mother died. We were all able to travel to the funeral with members from the branch to support them. We met in a little shed where the body was raised above the ground. We sang church hymns and listened to verses from the scriptures. It was very interesting, but was so great to be able to be with the members and ponder on the happiness that comes from being together forever after life on this earth! That is the greatest blessing to me to know that I will be with my loving family forever :)
On Thursday I was able to contact people with Sister Griffin! She is such an awesome missionary, I love her and learn so much from her everytime. Her faith inspires me and the spirit is so strong with her. On Friday we had zone training in Kaunas where we got to practice teach natural conversations with people. Sometimes it is hard to turn those into the gospel, but every time the gospel connects to life. It is so amazing how that works. True happiness is having the spirit with us-I learned that this week :) When the spirit is with us, we are so happy, truly happy :) 
On Saturday we visited a member in the hospital. She is so cute and adorable, a 20 year old girl who has so much faith in the Lord. After we were able to help the Russian sisters move into Vilnius! The Russian branch, mostly the old Russian lady members, will just love having them here. 
As we met with an investigator this week, we realized the need to start over about explaining the nature of God. So many people here do not understand this basic truth, and I love everyday that we have to know that He is our Father. That true joy comes from having His spirit with us always.
On Sunday at church quite a few less actives came which was so good for the branch. It is great to see it growing. I love the people here so much. I love the Lord, Our Father in Heaven, and His spirit. I love you all so much!
Love Sese Dzerman
Walking down old towne with a great view of Gedimino's tower in the distance.