Thursday, July 30, 2015

Laba Diena

We had another great week in the MTC!  Time is just flying by, and I love it.  We started teaching an investigator this past week in Lithuanian.  It was so awesome.  I taught with Elder Hassell, one of my teaching companions.  We don't really know how to speak the language, but I love that because we get to rely completely on the spirit when we teach.  It is so great.  It has really taught me to trust in Heavenly Father and teach what He would have me teach.  And say what He would have me say.  Learning a language is very humbling, but i love it.  Language class is going well.   Little by little it's coming.  I can pretty well understand what my teachers are saying.  I just need to get better at the speaking part, but I know that will come :)  We are learning the first vision in Lithuanian, which is really cool.  
Each day we stay really busy with class, meals, devotionals, study time, gym, and teaching.  I love staying busy and serving the Lord.  This is just an amazing experience.  I love giving my time to Heavenly Father.
My teaching companions are Elder Hassell and Elder Wiley.  They are both great missionaries.  I am learning a lot about teaching and focusing on the investigator and their needs.  I really have learned a lot and my testimony has been strengthened.  I know that because we are God's children, He will help us and answer our prayers.  
I love all of you!
Love, Sesuo Dzerman
Masa Webb and Sesuo Dzerman

Answers to her Dad's questions

Lithuanian is sort of like Latvian.  I don't think it is really like German because it is not a Germanic language.  It is Slovak, so more weird :) I can't really understand my companion, but I can guess of what a few Latvian words are.  Some are similar to Lithuanian, but not many.  That makes it hard to practice speaking our language. But our goal is to speak in our language first, and then translate to english so we get more practice. 
Here is some Lithuanina off the top of my head.
Aš zinau kad Dievas yra mūsų Dangiškasis Tevą.  Jis myli mūs.  Aš liudiju kad mormono knyga yra Dievo žodžias.  Jezaus Kristaus vardu, amen.
That was my testimony, very breifefly.  Not all correct grammar in there, but I tried:)
Sesuo Dzerman and Masa Webb

TELL US ABOUT YOUR COMPANION - My companion is from Spokane.  She took a few years of French, went to Washington Eastern for a while. She is 19 like me.  She has two older brothers.  One served in Provo and the other in Latvia, where she is going.  Crazy, right? The people in Latvia prayed she would come there because they loved her brother so much.  Their prayers were answereed. 
With Masa (Sister) Webb from Spokane

 Haha, I told her about our rainy trip to the temple.  Good memores. We have done a session and initiatory, so cool.  
We love to go to the temple!
Love Sesuo Dzerman

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Laba Diena!

I cannot believe it has already been a week!  The time is going really fast!  I am just loving it here at the MTC.  Everything is going just great.  I have an awesome companion and district and zone.  It has been really fun.  The language is coming good.  Classes are really fun, and I am learning a lot.  Although it may not be completely correct, I can say a prayer in Lithuanian without reading it.  I also know my purpose in Lithuanian, which I never thought would happen.  I know the Lord is helping me a lot, and I am so grateful for that.  My testimony has already grown so much here.  I know the Lord listens to and answers our prayers.  
My first day we had class,a few discussions with investigators, and went on a tour.  Each day after that has been studying and class.  I love it.  I am a solo sister, so class with six other Elders is a lot of fun.  Thursday is our preparation day, so we were able to go to the temple.  I love the temple.  It was so great to go again.
My companion is Sister Webb, or Masa Veba.  She is amazing, and I love her a lot. She is from Washington, and I am glad she is here so that I can have a female companion outside of class.  I never expected to have a couple of Elders as my companions for a lot of the day, but it is fun.  I love my district.  There are seven of us learning Lithuanian, and then my companion and an Elder learning Latvian, so nine total.  It's a little hard to have two languages in a district, but that just makes it all the better.  The Elders take very good care of us; it has been a great experience.  We have actually only had an official class time once a day, but we are starting two actual class times next week, and I am super excited!  I also love the Sisters in my residence Hall room.  They are so sweet.  It's fun to have two learning Georgian, two learning Malay, and us learning Latvian and Lithuanian.  I just love it.
I saw Sister Merkley, Sister Kho, other Sisters from high school, and some Elders and Sisters from Utah State.  That is a lot of fun. Thanks for all of the letters; I love each one.
 We watched a very cool talk by Elder Bednar.  He discussed the character of Christ.  I know that if we turn out to others like Christ did, we will be so happy.  This mission is not about me at all; it's about others.  I am grateful for this opportunity to give my all to Christ.  We are here because of Him.  
Love you all,
Sesuo Dzerman
Our District at the Provo Temple

Lithuanian Elders with ties to match the flag

Friday, July 17, 2015

I'm here!

I just love it here at the mtc.  Everything is going just great!  We are learning Lithuanian bit by bit.  My companion is Masa Webb, and she is amazing.  She is learning Latvian, so she meets with one other Elder in a different classroom.  I am with five Lithuanian Elders, but I think we are getting one more to be in our class.  I love the spirit that I feel, and I love staying busy.  This is just an email to say that I am still alive :)  My companion and I have four sisters in our residence hall room that we are staying with.  One sister is from Germany, near Stutgart, so that is really cool.  Another I knew at USU.  It has just been so fun.  I hope all is well.  Gotta go, love you all!
Love, Sesuo Dzerman
Our zone

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Kayleigh to the MTC

We woke early and drove to the new Payson temple  to go to an early morning session.

  Such a beautiful temple and such a wonderful thing to do with Kayleigh on her way to the MTC.

Then we zipped up Kayleigh's bags and went to Cafe Rio for lunch.  In line, we met a gal who had served in the same mission several years ago.  The best news was that she didn't get fish at every meal!

We went to the Provo Temple for some final pictures.

Brett had to go back to St. George so this is our family picture.

Then we pulled into the MTC where we got out for another quick hug

and then off she went without a glance back.  Good-Bye Sister Jerman!  We love you!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Kayleigh's Farewell

The entire Rees family drove down from Tremonton in between meetings  to listen to Kayleigh's Farewell talk, then left right after.  So nice of them to come.

Lots of friends and family came.  Jessica Ipson will join Kayleigh at the MTC in August on her way to California.

So glad Grandma and Grandpa Kerr were able to be here.  

Granny and Granddad will join us again on Tuesday night for her setting apart.

We played badmitten in the back yard after everyone was gone.

Kayleigh painted this cute board of the flag of Lithuania.  It is not a "bad Africa."  It says, You are not called to serve in a place, you are called to serve in place of the Savior.