Monday, April 25, 2016

April Showers!!!

It was a great first week in Kaunas!! I loved being in a new city with Sister Griffin and Hodson.
In our Kaunas apartment study room right before going out.
The senior couple had us over for dinner that first day, then we were able to stop by a less active at her super cute house outside the city a little.
We met with another less active on Laisves Aleja, the cute downtown street that we live on.
Laisves Aleja, street we live on. Our view out our window.
It is a pretty main street with shops, so there are quite a few people. I have loved contacting there because we live in centre! It is a super great place to live. 
We had district meeting with our new district on Tuesday and then had a new convert lesson with a an awesome member on Wednesday.

Kaunas district mtg
 She is so strong in the church and so dedicated to service. The spirit just flows from her, and she just glows with happiness. I love her so much. On Thursday we had a lesson with some potential investigators. Two Nigerians are searching for their answers to know if the Book of Mormon is the word of God. We are praying that they will be able to recognize their answers soon. I know that prayer is the only way we can know of spiritual truths, and that God does answer every single prayer.

On Saturday we were able to do service with some branch members at a park. Lots of Lithuanians gathered to clean up the park, so we got a lot done! It was so cool to see everyone working together!

Everyone cleaning up
We were also able to attend a soccer practice with some kids who come from struggling homes and families. They are the cutest kids I have ever met. They are so loving and so sweet. They melted my heart! It was so fun to help them do some drills and try to learn some Lithuanian soccer terms haha.
Soccer with cute kids!
On Sunday we traveled back to Vilnius for this upcoming week.

The Traveling Trio!
It feels like week 1 of the transfer, so time is really flying! I love having so many of the Lord's children to watch over. It has been such a huge blessing to learn from my companions. They are so awesome.
I know God loves all of His children! I love you all so much
Love Sese Dzerman

All ready for bed!
Back in the Vilnius apartment on Sunday.
Getting warm and ready to do some studying. We are dying laughing at something.
Bedroom in Kaunas
Coming home from service in a car of a members.
Nunery in Kaunas by our house.
Our study room with Sis G.
The Kaunas kitchen apartment.
Our Trio

Friday, April 22, 2016

Photos from April

Okay, so now i am all caught up on pictures! These are the last ones. Thanks so much mom, love you
We decorated the senior couple's door. 
All three of us after attacking.
Cute skating rink in Acropolis.
Eating Soya at Acropolis.
Elder Waters and Karlinzey in the church.
Elders Downs and Scott with the ties we all signed and gave to them at last district meeting.
Just a cool building.
On the train to Kaunas for zone training.
The two districts in Vilnius before the sisters left.
This is us in Old Town on Pilies Street with Sister Nuttall.
Our last preparation day with Sis Best, eating ice cream at Sopranos.
The Nuttalls took us to eat at the Meat Pub Cafe.
Sister Griffin ordered a horse burger.
Me trying Sister Griffin's horse burger! I ate horse! 
 Tasted like normal beef, felt like rougher texture, smelt like nastiness.

Monday, April 18, 2016

Loving the Mission Life - Lived in 3 different apartments this week!

After watching women's conference at the Nuttall's.
This is us in Old Town on Pilies Street
It has been quite the eventful week!! Wow, this week really flew by. We had to do a lot to help Sister Bestenlehner get ready to fly home to America.

We ate at the Meat Pub Cafe.
The Nuttalls took us out to dinner before Sis Best went home. 

With all of that, each of us received priesthood blessings to help us with the future. It was such a great experience for me to receive mine because I knew it came directly from the Savior. I testify He is aware of each and everyone of us. We are where we are for a reason. It doesn't matter our past, God only cares about who we are right now and who we are becoming.
We sent off the four sisters home, and Sister Hodson joined us! So now we are the traveling trio. It has been quite the adventure!
Trying to get our faces in with the hairy legs - haha.

Our hairy legs of Sis Grfifin, me, and Sis Best after a long winter of no shaving.
On Wednesday we met with a less active to try to help him regain the light he is missing. We hope to meet with him again pretty soon. We also took time to move back into my old apartment, meaning the nice and new and big one. It is super nice to have a lot of space again!
We moved back into the nice apartment!!!

On Friday we went to service with the Elders and some members joined us too.  It was great to serve with so many great people!!  
Our last district picture in matching sweaters.
Right before going to service for the sister's last time.

On Saturdaywe bought tickets to travel to Kaunas on Sunday, but the bus station was closed. Thankfully the train station wasn't. It was a huge tender mercy.

 We were also able to meet with a super busy investigator. He committed to praying to know if he should be baptized again into this true church. I truly testify that if we pray sincerely, we will receive answers to every prayer. I know God hears us and loves us, so He answers. 

On Sunday we attended church in Vilnius, and then we came to Kaunas. It is such a blessing to be able to serve in these two great cities. I am so excited for what this week has to bring. I know that as we keep our faith in the Lord, He will always lead us right. We have no reason to fear the future. God is with us every step of the way, especially when life seems hard and scary. He will always provide a way. I love you all, have a fabulous week!
Love Sese Dzerman!

The two districts in Vilnius before the 4 Sisters leave for home.