Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving Dinner

The Suisses helped the missionaries enjoy a belated Thanksgiving dinner on P-day, Nov. 28th, 2016.  Everyone helped with food.  The elders brought a BBQ chicken.  Two investigators joined them.
Thanksgiving in Klaipeda, Lithuania

Thankfullness is the Road to Happiness.. and baptism :)

Going to mission leadership council with the elders. They tried to sleep comfortably.

All the Sister Training Leaders with Sister Harding in Riga. 

Our MTC group mission leaders in Riga after the conference.

Dear Family!
It has been such a great week!! On Monday night we were able to meet with a really cool guy and his wife to talk about the Book of Mormon. Oh boy did he ask some pretty intense questions. It was quite the discussion, but the spirit led us all the way through. I am so thankful for the Lord's spirit and how it truly teaches truth and gives understanding to each one of us. We were able to help answer his questions and lead him to read the Book of Mormon for himself. On Wednesday the Suisse's arrived from Riga! They are such a great couple, and we are so excited to work with them in helping the branch and teaching our investigators. We have six missionaries here in Klaipeda!! :) The work is moving forward. We were able to go by a member's later that day and meet again with the man and his wife at their home. He is struggling to understand the importance of the book of mormon. This week I have realized that altough I did not receive one huge answer that the Book of Mormon was true, I know that is true by continually reading it each day. Every time that I study from it, my testimony is strenghtened. It truly is God's word and it is so beautifully true. On Thursday I was able to do an exchange with Sister Wuthrich in Vilnius. She is such a happy and excited missionary-I love that about her. We were able to knock into a room to talk with and give a Book of Mormon to a really nice man. They get to go back next week to teach him and his wife! Miracles happen everyday, and I know that. Faith must be first, then the miracles will come.On Friday I was able to attend missionary leadership council in Riga. We discussed a lot about our english classes and the use of knocking in our mission in order to find people. It was so great to counsel together! I am grateful for the time that I have had with them. We came home to meet with an investigator to talk about the sabbath day. I love the sabbath day! I love that we can partake of the sacrament to renew our covenants and to be clean. It is the greatest blessing each week for me to come closer to the Savior and receive that peace. That night we met with Victoria!!!!! She is just the greatest. We talked about the blessings that come from living the law of chastity. She has seen the blessings from living this law already in her own life. She knows that it makes sense. This law is to safegaurd families. That is the whole reason of the gospel!!! We can be happy as we live according to the gospel. On Sunday she and Marius came to church!!!! It was fabulous. They both understand the importance of coming to church each week. Afterwards, we committed Marius to baptism too!! It was an incredible spirit. It is so amazing to watch others be excited about the gospel. They both are so devoted to following the Lord and changing their lives in order to do so. Word of Wisdom is really hard for the both of them, but they are living it and being blessed because of it. "It just makes sense" If we live according to God's commandments, he blesses us immediately and we are in greater debt to him. I know that God loves us and wants the best for each one of us. So he sent His son Jesus Christ. Let us let Him be the focus of our lives, especially at this Christmas time!!!!! I love you all!
Love sis Dzerman
I went to my first Turgus, or market, where all the old ladies come to lay out their stuff to sell. It was so cool, I loved looking at everything.

A cool unique clothing store in center.

We ate at Lucy's restaurant and got sushi! It was really good, who knew that raw fish could be so delicious?!

This is her restaurant.

A pretty view of the river in Klaipeda.

The pretty sun after emailing last Monday afternoon, across the street from our apartment and near our bus stop.

We cooked and ate salmon by choice. It was so great- a super good Thanksgiving memory in Klaipeda.

The Suisses

Elder and Sister Suisse have returned for their 2nd mission in Lithuania.  They are from Hyde Park, Utah and are from my sister Cami's ward.  They finished their first mission just before Kayleigh arrived in Lithuania but have now returned to serve their second mission and have been assigned to serve in Klaipeda!  They will serve with Kayleigh during her final five weeks!
Sister Jerman, Sister Walles, Sister Suisse and Elder Suisse.

Nov. 26th Activity at the church.  The Elders are glad to have the Suisses also.  

Monday, November 21, 2016

What a Wonderful Week!

Decorating for the Suisse's to come!!!
Hi Family and Friends!
This has been such an amazing and marvelous week!! We started it off by knocking some great doors and meeting a really cool man that accepted a Book of Mormon. I have truly come to love this book so much, especially this last week. My personal study of it has increased and caused my personal testimony to grow so much more. We can learn such great spiritual truths from this book!!  On Tuesday we visited a member's house to talk about the Book of Mormon and the Bible and how they are both needed to have the fullness of the gospel. The Bible did contain all of the fullness of the gospel when it was first recorded, but the Lord knew that it would be changed by men. So He had the Book of Mormon recorded at the same time in order to give us the plain and precious parts that would be lost. I love the truths that are found in both books and the lessons that we can learn and apply to help us :) After we met with an investigator who doesn't have a lot of purpose in their life and isn't sure what they should be doing. That is also why we have the Book of Mormon, so we can know how to live happy lives :) That night we taught english class where we shared a timeline of how the Book of Mormon and Bible go together.
On Wednesday we had two lessons with our progressing investigators and a member was so so awesome to help us in both! The first is a young man who loves learning the gospel. We talked about the word of wisdom and how that blesses us so much in this life. We will have the rest of eternity to look back on what we did with this short time here on earth, and we live it to the fullest by keeping God's commandments! It sounds kind of crazy, but it is the truth :) Keeping the word of wisdom allows the body to work correctly and feel the subtle promptings of the spirit because we are in control. He committed to stop drinking tea!!
We then had a lesson with Victoria... she is an amazing person. We talked about the gospel of jesus Christ, and she had such great questions. She pulled a verse out of the Book of Mormon talking about how those who do not repent shall be cursed, but we talked about how every single person will have a second chance to choose God. No matter how many times we sin, He will always forgive us if we are willing to repent. We have to want to change and accept God's help. Then He will always help us because His arms are always open. She is understanding the gospel so well, and her pure heart is so learning. That night we knocked on a less active's door and were warmly welcomed right in. It was like talking to an American mother right at home! It was so nice :) She was very loving and said she honsetly didn't know why she doesn't attend church. She told us of her conversion, and how she needs to ask her daughter if she would like to learn about the gospel. I was reminded of Lehi's dream and the need for the constant nourshment from the word of God in order to be safely at the feet of the Savior. That is the power of the Book of Mormon
On Thursday we were able to do service for a really old cute adorable Lithuanian lady. We helped her haul firewood to heat her house for the winter, so it was awesome work! We met with a really cool indian student who has no Christian background whatsoever. It made me really grateful for the testimony and relationship I have with my Savior and Redeemer. We were able to skype a member to talk about missionary work, and she is so amazing. She herself decided that she could pick up her brother in a different city and drive him to church on Sunday. She is such a great example to us. 
On Friday we met with a potential new investigator who turned out to be a Jehovah Witness. It was a really interesting experience! It made my testimony of the Book of Mormon grow so much. I know that through this book we can come to know our Savior and His gospel. It is how we gain a testimony of the truthfullness of the gospel. They wouldn't accept our book, but they were nice people :) That night we had a lesson with Victoria at our chinese member's house. It was so awesome! We talked about living prophets, and the member's testimony was so strong. She shared great experiences of following the words of the prophets and receiving blessings. It was a little hard for Victoria to understand how to tell a man called of God from fake prophets but we don't have to worry about that because we can ask God ourselves who His prophet is in these latter days. He will surely manifest the truth to us. Victoria explained to us how she has been reading the Book of Mormon in the mornings but that that has become a problem because she loses track of time and then is late to class. So now she reads at night, and we are totally okay with that. She gives great dedication to the Lord and has such a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon. It was amazing.
On Saturday we helped the members clean the church. Then we had district meeting with President and Sister Harding because they visited Klaipeda! I love them so very much. They are so wise and close to the spirit. The examples of their lives are full of service. That night they helped us in a lesson with Victoria about word of wisdom and paying tithing. We were pretty nervous for the lesson, but the spirit guided us through. She is living the word of wisdom but we knew she would probably have a hard time with tithing. Her pure heart, however, completely understood how needed it is to pay tithing to the Lord. It is an expression of our love for Him, and He blesses us tremendulously when we do keep His commandments. We can then make sacred covenants to live with our families forever in temples, houses of our God. She doesn't work right now, but said she would pay tithing if she had a job. She is so accepting of all of God's commandments. She is really excited to be living according to the Lord's way. We are so happy for how she listens to the spirit and obeys the Lord. On Sunday she came to church and loves getting along with the members. She is the best!!!! Her testimony is growing so much and she is truly receiving blessings in her life for living according to the gospel. We are so blessed to be able to watch her grow. She will be ready for baptism in December! Heavenly Father blessed me while translating Sister Harding's talk for the congregation. 
Being a missionary is the biggest blessing. I know that as we continually pray to the Lord throughout our entire day, He will answer us. He will always answer us. I know that we sometimes have to have bad experiences to learn to turn to the Lord for help. I know that through repentance we can truly always remember Christ and change into happier people. I feel so blessed to be able to preach and teach this restored gospel and see it bring light into people lives. We all have this opportunity each day as we share the gospel with others, that they may be happy too. Truly happy :) 
I love you all, Love Sese Dzerman

A member's house that we visited for lunch and a lesson. They live in Kretinga which is a little outside of Klaipeda.

Monday, November 14, 2016

:) LOVING!!!

Hey there!
Oh man! The work is going forth!! :)
On Monday night we had a really cool discussion with a Russian lady who doesn't speak Lithuanian but spoke to us in english. It started out really well but she was pretty set on her atheisit ways. I love being able to testify of our loving Heavenly Father and although she didn't accept anything, the spirit was there. Heavenly Father lives and loves us each day, even when we aren't worthy of it-especially when we aren't! :)
On Tuesday we met with a young man who has been meeting with us more now. We got to talk about the gospel of Jesus Christ as being our steps to return back with Heavenly Father. These steps help us each day in our lives now as we live and apply them. I love that faith, repentance, renewing our covenants, listening to the spirit, and being obedient allow us to truthfully and frankly happy. A member helped us in the lesson and did amazing.
On Wednesday we got to travel outside the city of Klaipeda to a little one called Salantai. There we met with a recent convert of two years. She is so amazing! Her son is serving a mission right now in Africa. He joined the church first, and then she did after about a year. She is now such an amazing example of sharing the gospel herself. She has given the opportunity to her siblings and other children and neighbors. I was strengthened by her learning and wisdom from the Book of Mormon. Her son gets home from his mission soon, and she is so excited :) We met at her other son's house because her husband is really against the church. But she faithfully lives her life according to the gospel and is happy because of it.
We got to have a couple sisters here in Klaipeda for exchange. We had a lesson with Victoria from Spain to talk about the word of wisdom. Oh man, I was a little nervous. But she is amazing. She explained how coffee and tea are simply a tradition for her and her family and not an addiction. It is a part of her life. But because it is of God, she will try it. After following up, we learned that it was really hard for her to follow and keep. She didn't do it the next day but she tried, and God blesses us when we do our best. By the following day she was able to not drink coffee or tea! I was blown away by her diligence and know that God is blessing her for her efforts. We had another lesson with her on Friday at a member's house, and she was realy incredible. She is reading from the Book of Mormon and doing the studies from the pamphlets about scripture verses. 
On Thursday we went by a less active and got in! It was so graet to be able to talk with her and share the good word of God! Later that day we traveled outside of Klaipeda to visit a member's brother. He has met with missionaries in the past and has prepared for baptism but word of wisdom and living in Enlgand has kept him from that. He has a beautiful wife and three kids. We were able to commit him to baptism again. He has a hard time traveling so far to come to church each week, but he is reading the Book fo Mormon and learning how to overcome sin. Partaking of the sacrament is the focal point of our worship each and every week. I know that to be true. On Satruday, an 8 year old from the branch was baptized and Victoria came! Then she came to church on Sunday. She is really progressing! Although she is having headaches from the lack of coffee, she is pushing hard. It is so fun watching her grow in the gospel and study the scriptures. I love the BOok of Mormon and how it holds the necesary plain and precious parts that were taken from the Bible. It is crucial to have this book along with the Bible to have the complete and full gospel of Christ. It is true!!!
I love you, Love Sese Dzerman

Monday, November 7, 2016

November is Here!

Sese Dzerman and Sese Walles
This past week was amazing!!!!
We got to meet with a member who investigated the church for six years before she finally joined. She knew that if there was a true church on the earth, it would have to be this one. And that everyday she is still learning and coming to understand it's truthfulness each day. We then got to meet with a very nice couple who haven't been to church in a long time. The husband is often working in Germany and the wife goes to Ireland to live with their daugther. But they invited us into their home here in Klaipeda, and we talked like normal people! It was so great to see. They were ready to learn from the Book of Mormon which can come from other people, but is most important each day as we individually learn from the Book of Mormon through the spirit. It was a great discussion on having this life and time to prepare to meet God.
On Tuesday we met with our investigator from Spain! Her name is Victoria, and she is really amazing. We began talking about the plan of salvation, and her family is so very important to her. It was cool to discuss the importance of God's plan of happiness in this life so that we can return to live with Him and our families. She opened right up and explained how she really wants that. She stayed for english class when Algis joined us to talk about the end of the plan of salvation and how the gospel of Jesus Christ makes the path back to God possible.
On Wednesday we woke up early to travel to Kaunas to exchange. Then Sister Griffin and I traveled to Vilnius. There with Sister Hodson we were able to meet with their recent convert Kamile. She has happily begun Personal Progress! Wow that brought back good memories :) She was so excited to get started by prioritizing her schedule. Then we were able to watch the restoration film at the church with a taxi driver that she had contacted. It was very short and spirit filled, such a great feeling. That night we contacted some amazing people on the street who were truly striving to come to know God. The day before was Day of the Dead, when all of the Lithuanians visit their dead and place candles on the graves. We didn't see any cemetarys, but it was extra special to testify about life after death as we talked with people. 
On Thursday we were able to teach english to Algis and the cute mother and daughter to talk about faith and repentance being the first two steps of the gospel. There is so much joy in the basic principles of the gospel! I learned this week that a manifestation of our faith in Christ shows through our confidence of the path that we are living right now and a sure knowledge that we will be able to live with God in the eternities. How cool! After we were able to teach the restoration to two new investigators who really care for their families. The spirit was really strong as we talked about finding truth through prayer and the Book of Mormon. 
On Friday we got to serve with a nice lady named Virginia. She had us pull weeds and help rake out her yard. I have never had so much fun weeding, especially in November! :) We later met with Victoria that day to finish talking abou the plan of salvation. A member who speaks english was able to help us in the lesson, which was really great. Victoria is a student right now and pretty busy but is so sweet! She is pretty shy but is very open with us about her tender love for her family. It was great to testify about the power of being able to live with our families forever. We then visited Sister Zelekiene, who is the older member that can't leave her house. She has such strong faith! 
On Saturday we were going to have a lesson with a contact from the street, but after falling through, we were led to other people in that area who were interested in the gospel. God truly does lead us through the spirit even when we may not be aware of it. As we live worthy and good lives, He will give us guidance. On Sunday Victoria came to church for the second time! And we had a lesson after in which she commited to be baptized! We talked about repentance and baptism being the gate to eternal life with God and our families. Of course, they are only the gate. We have the rest of our life to come to know God better and to seek more truth through prayer and scripture study. She has been praying to thank God for her family and their safety. She is reading a spanish Book of Mormon and always asks such great questions to us in each lesson, definitely ones I have never thought of before :) She prays in spanish for us and although I can't understand, they are very sincere. The spirit was very strong. 
Today I read about the tree of life and those who cling to rod, partake of the fruit, and then leave compared to the people who continually hold to it and fall at the tree once they partake of the fruit. They never leave. I know that as we continually study the scriptures and pray every day we will partake of the fruit of the atonement through Christ. We will fall to our knees at His feet and never leave because we have come to know Him. We are freed through His mercy from sin and heartache. I know that God lives and loves us.
Have a great week!
Loves, Sese Dzerman
Here we are at Luchy's Chinese restaurant again before she leaves to China

Our Halloween night picture

The Klaipeda district :)

The sunset was really pretty :)

Traveling back to Klaipeda from Kaunas

Snowmen in Vilnius - shared by Russian speaking missionary, Sister Foote