Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sister Walles' email about Vaidas Baptism

Laba Diena Visi!

We were able to have a baptism this week and instead of it happening on Saturday it was moved to Sunday!   Sundays are truly a blessing.
Vaidas our now new convert was baptized and he was so excited about it, He invited a lot of his friends and the miracle about that is they actually came! The baptismal room was so full we had to have people stand because there was no more room to sit. It was such a blessing for all those that were able to come. Vaidas shared his testimony with all of us and in his testimony he quoted Patarliu knyga 30:5 "Kiekvienas Dievo Žodis yra tyras; jis yra skydas tiems, kurie juo pasitiki."
Proverbs 30: "every word of God is Flawless (Pure); He is shield to those who take refuge in him."
it was so powerful and just an incredible thing to witness.
God truly does change people for the better, he sees what we can become, we just need to trust him.
I don't know any other place i would rather be than serving the Children of God in Lithuania. 

Go. Love. Serve.

-Sesuo Vales

(see picture of Vaidas in drafts)

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