Friday, January 20, 2017

Kayleigh's legacy lives on

I received this email today from Elder and Sister Suisse currently serving in Klaipeda, Lithuania where Kayleigh finished her mission.  

Hello Sister Jerman,

Sister Walles told us this story about your daughter and then Sister Suisse shared it with the other missionaries in zone training today. She also sent it to our grandson who just entered the MTC this week. I thought you might appreciate what she said to our grandson.

At our zone training I shared a story that I'll share with you too.  We had a sweet sister in our district that was quiet and tiny, but a really dynamic missionary.  One icy and cold day as she was walking down some steps. she slipped down the steps and fell facedown in front of a man walking by.  She jumped up and gave him her best street approach.  It would have gone over better if the man hadn't been laughing so hard.  And then they tracted him out later in the day and he laughed again, but didn’t let them in. The point to this story is that she didn't give up.  Right before she went home she contacted a man on the bus and he is the one we are baptizing this Saturday.  She didn't let little slip ups hold her down but did her best right until the day she returned home.  What a missionary.

Sister Jerman’s legacy lives on. Tell her hello for us.


Elder and Sister Suisse

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