Sunday, January 15, 2017

News from Klaipeda

Kayleigh has been home 17 days.  We just got this message from Elder and Sister Suisse who serve in her last area.  
"BTW - you can tell your daughter that Vaidas is being baptized next Saturday.  She found him on the bus a couple of weeks before she went home."  (Actually less than a week)
Wow - I just cry about this one.  
She was proselyting on a bus and the man she sat next to was not interested in her message.  After he got off the bus, another man leaned over and asked if she was really a believer.  She was able to share her testimony with him and he wanted to learn more.  They met him 2 days later on Christmas Eve for a lesson, then he came to church on Christmas Day and then they met again the following day.  She left 2 days later wishing she could stay to teach him but Sister Walles and Sister Aidukaitytė took over and continued teaching him.  He will be baptized this Saturday, January 21st. One day less than a month after his first contact with the church, this young man has heard the gospel, received a witness that it is true, and now desires to be baptized!  This is an astounding miracle! 
This makes the 6th baptism she was directly involved in. 

Here is what she wrote home about Vaidas her last week on her mission.  
"After having a conversation with a person on the bus, a man leaned over to ask if I really was a believing person. He said that he had just learned about God a few months ago and was trying to do his best to follow him. We were able to have a lesson on Christmas eve and talk about the mercy of God and how He has given us the Bible and the Book of Mormon. He is a pure follower of Christ that just wants to give back to Him because Christ saved him from his addictions in rehab. He came to church on Sunday after attending his, and stayed the entire time. He plans to come every week and stay to learn all he can. He is already reading a few pages from the Book of Mormon each day and is excited to be able to better follow Christ. This person is so prepared by the spirit. I am so excited to see where the doctrine of Christ can take him. God is preparing His children to accept the gospel because He loves them. He gives us the opportunity every day to share that special gift of the atonement that He gave to us. It brings so much joy because it is true joy. "

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