Saturday, January 14, 2017

Fun stories

Kayleigh told us a fun story that happened to her during the last month of her mission at the Christmas devotional/celebration held with her mission president.  A brand new Elder had just arrived from the MTC and overheard someone say something about "Sister Jerman."  He was surprised to learn that she was still there serving so asked to meet her.  He explained to her that when he got his call to Lithuania he looked on the Internet and found her Blog  -  and he said he read through the whole thing and looked at all the pictures to try to learn all he could about his mission.  He said he mainly picked up on the idea that is would be cold - not from what she wrote but from the pictures.  He was truly happy to meet her as he thought she would already be home by the time he got out there.  He met the legendary "Sister Jerman"  She would never say that about herself but here is the story shared by her cousin.

  Her cousin Jacob Turville asked a friend of his who came back from the Baltic mission if he knew Sister Jerman.  He had served in a different country but finished serving as an AP in the mission home.  He told Jacob, "Many missionaries come here and serve for two years without a baptism, but, I know Sister Jerman.  She was the missionary who would call every few months to tell us she had another baptism lined up and ask if the president would like to attend." 
 Wow -  we are so proud of that super obedient and hard working missionary girl!  

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