Monday, December 19, 2016

Miracle of Marius

Sesuo Dzerman and Sesuo Walles quilting in Klaipeda
Merry Christmas Family and Friends ~ Su Sventom Kaledom!!

This week was really fabulous and full of miracles. On Monday night we went knocking and got to have a short lesson with an older lady who let us in her house. She was pretty old but accepting of our message we had to teach. Her spirit was very strong and sweet. For our english class we played charades and discussed the importance of communication in our lives. We learned how communication truly makes our relationships with others. We have to learn how God communicates with us and constantly communicate with Him through prayer. This builds our personal relationship with our loving Heavenly Father. On Wednesday we went by a member who is struggling with depression but has been able to slowly overcome that with her true faith on Christ. She has been doing a lot better, and we were able to see her great knowledge and testimony of the gospel. That night we met with Victoria to talk about sharing the gospel with her family. We first knit a quilt to take by a member who cannot leave her house. She explained that she is a little nervous to invite her family to church but knows how the Book of Mormon can bless them. She plans to share one with them over Christmas break while she is in Spain!
On Thursday we had exchanges in Vilnius, and I was with Sister Hodson. We met with a member to talk about teaching and learning in the church. She is one of the best member missionaries I know. She literally hands out pamphets to people at bus stops and on the streets. I am so grateful for her missionary spirit! Friday we were able to meet with a couple of students from Nigeria who are very believing. They truly know that Christ is their Savior and have such strong faith. It was really incredible to be able to talk about prophets and how we are so blessed to be in another gospel dispensation with a living prophet today, just as in the Bible. It makes so much sense and gives us so many blessings! That night we met with Marius. He drove from Plunge, which is about an hour outside of Klaipeda, with his wife and kids to the church. We had a lesson on baptism and confirmation to prepare him to baptism. He was very ready. I find that he teaches us the gospel because he has such a strong testimony. He knows and can't wait to accept the gift of the holy ghost on Sunday. The spirit was just so strong and we were just amazed with his knowledge of the gospel. 
On Saturday we cleaned the font and prepared for the baptism. It was such a joyful experience because the uniting of a family is progressing. About four years ago, Mindaugas was contacted on the street and came to our english class. He then met with missionaries and was baptized. Two years later his mom was also baptized and then he left on a mission to serve in South Africa. Now two years after that, Mindaugas returned from his mission this pastTuesday to baptize his uncle, Irma's younger brother, Marius. All three of them can be sealed in the temple!! Irma and Mindaugas are such great support for Marius, it is a perfect set up. They drive from their city to Plunge to pick up Marius and bring him to church. So Marius gets to be taught by two stalwart members of the church. The spirit was so strong at the baptismal service, and their was so much happiness and joy. Irma was so grateful to have her brother finally accept baptism. Marius couldn't help but smile the entire time. After the ordinance, he bore his testimony on the importance of following the Savior throughout our entire lives. He has used the atonement and has received blessings from it. On Sunday he was confirmed by Mindaugas and could not express his joy afterwards. He said the closing prayer and thanked us for teaching him how to pray. A few weeks ago he had been struggling to know if this was truly the right path he should follow, to continue to come to church. After sharing how weak things can be made strong through Christ, he received the witness of the truthfulness of the gospel. It was truly a miracle to be and learn with him and see his family receive blessings from the gospel. I know that through our covenants made with the Lord that we can be with our families forever. That is the greatest blessing we can receive from the Lord, and I will be forever grateful for it. We are so blessed to have a loving Heavenly Father who wants to give the best to us, who gave us the very best, even His Son Jesus Christ. Because of Him, we will live again and can be clean through the atonement to live forever with God and our families in never ending happiness. He is the gift. 
Merry Christmas!
Love Sese Dzerman

I am happy and so so grateful for every day I have here.
Lithuania Christmas Devotional Photo

Merry Christmas, Elders & Sisters! 

Look at these gorgeous, light-filled Sisters! We love you!

Love,  Sister Harding    #LIGHTtheBALTIC

Here’s another Sisters photo—including Sister Hodson this time!

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