Monday, December 26, 2016

Loving the Light (Her last letter! )

Christmas Eve dinner at Lucy's house
Merry Christmas!
This past week has been a very humbling and sacred week. I cannot even express my joy and love for the people here in Lithuania. I feel as if the Lord has overflowed me with blessings and opportunities everyday. I am just so extremely happy and rejoice to know that God is our loving Father and that Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. They love us, each and every one of us. Heavenly Father answers every one of our heartfelt prayers. I have seen that and know it to be true. He will answer. 
One of the many miracles this past week involved meeting with new investigators, members, and less actives. It was amazing how many people were home and let us in! We were able to have a few lessons with some less active people, even those who are hard to reach. They were all at home at this Christmas time and let us right in.We had the tender mercy of being able to truly testify of Christ's purpose here on earth. That He was born, lived, died, and lives again for each one of us. That we can not only live again with God and our families, but become clean through the atonement each day as we repent. What an incredible gift. This gift has truly lifted and filled me. I know that it is real because I have experienced it!
After having a conversation with a person on the bus, a man leaned over to ask if I really was a believing person. He said that he had just learned about God a few months ago and was trying to do his best to follow him. We were able to have a lesson on Christmas eve and talk about the mercy of God and how He has given us the Bible and the Book of Mormon. He is a pure follower of Christ that just wants to give back to Him because Christ saved him from his addictions in rehab. He came to church on Sunday after attending his, and stayed the entire time. He plans to come every week and stay to learn all he can. He is already reading a few pages from the Book of Mormon each day and is excited to be able to better follow Christ. This person is so prepared by the spirit. I am so excited to see where the doctrine of Christ can take him. God is preparing His children to accept the gospel because He loves them. He gives us the opportunity every day to share that special gift of the atonement that He gave to us. It brings so much joy because it is true joy. 
We were also able to meet with a past investigator who hasn't been in contact with us. She suddenly decided that she just really wants to know why we have the Book of Mormon with the Bible. She desires to know the truth. I know that she and all of us can through prayer and study and acting. It will bless us more than we can know. 
I know that this is God's true church. I love His work because I love Him and am so grateful for His sacrifice to us. He is our father, and He will help us and strengthen us to be better than we can imagine. I love you all!
Love Sese Dzerman

                                         Doing service
                                        - stacking wood 
                                        at Roma's house 
                               Doing service as a district  :)

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